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Hosted Voice

Phones are not just a commodity. We deliver voice connections and customer support the right way. When your CEO places a conference call, we guarantee that it will go off without a headache. We handle the cloud-PBX; we own the network; we run the support from the United States.


Faster Network. Smarter Cloud.

Significant Savings
Our VoIP solutions, backed by our wholly-owned nationwide network infrastructure can save you 50 to 60% on your current monthly phone expenditure. The bottom line is what it is.

Better performance
We are a solutions-focused, engineering-first company. We take a genuine interest in your requirements and needs, and we are entirely committed to delivering VOIP service that is more reliable and better quality than your starting point.

Still not convinced?
Our support will blow your socks off. If something goes wrong, we will send the cavalry directly. Our engineers average 15 years of experience, and our response times are excellent.

Phones are Anything but a Commodity
In recent years, the cost of telephones and VoIP service have come way down. However, telephony is still a critical tool that your users rely on, and not all carriers are the same. 365 is a solutions-focused company. We take a genuine interest in providing superior quality of service — but our prices remain competitive. Combined with our Dedicated Internet Service, you receive an extremely flexible on-net voice platform.

Hosted Voice Offers Tremendous Savings on Up-front Costs

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: getting an on-site PBX up and running is going to be costly up front. Just how pricy runs relative to the number of extensions, but $25,000 or more for a mid-sized office is not at all uncommon. More than 100 lines may run closer to $60,000. Again — this is just the price to fit out your computer room: data costing extra, and you can’t serve a satellite office with the gear at HQ. Hosted voice can be rolled out anywhere at all. Even to telecommuters or temp teams

What is Hosted VoIP or Hosted Voice?

Hosted Voice is a phone system solution that uses your internet connection and the power of the cloud to provide your business with feature-rich voice solutions offering more reliability and lower costs. No need to manage expensive equipment or hardware on-site. We operate and maintain the complete system and make sure it works so you can stay busy managing your business or taking care of more critical IT projects. Whether you need 5 seats or 5000, 365 Data Centers has a solution custom-designed for you.


Putting your VOIP in our cloud with a virtual PBX is smarter and cheaper

Don’t be your own phone company! 365 Data Centers can set up a virtual PBX for you that will eliminate the need for a large upfront capital investment and responsibility on your end to keep that equipment working. We can sell or lease handsets — or you can bring your own. With leased or already owned phones, startup costs can be nil. You have a set monthly expense, and the provider worries about keeping the equipment and configuration good to go. If 365 Data Centers is handling your network as well as being your voice provider — we can guarantee unrivaled QoS. It’s almost a no brainer to keep everything on one optimized network.


Hosted voice solutions are trivial to grow up or down with your personnel and office space strategy. PBX involves judging how many seats you will need to serve with voice for years to come. If mergers or acquisitions are a possibility, you really need to consider how married you are to that site and that solution. If there’s real doubt, hosted voice is the better call. (We apologize for the pun)

Cost of Calling

Despite the fact that hosted voice PBX’s using SIP trunking (rather than doing international calling through an old-school phone company) are using the internet to carry calls, there are still going to be costs on the provider’s part that they will have to pass along to you one way or another. We will work with you up front to manage your costs and get you set up with the best possible pricing.

Comprehensive Maintenance

365 offers a tight SLA and takes full responsibility — delivering excellence from the network to the infrastructure to the quality of voice service. We manage the cloud-PBX solution to save you time, trouble, and the expense of handling updates, replacing handsets and support. We bundle everything into one manageable bill — and discounts are available for multi-network service.

The Bottom Line

365 Data Centers is ready and good to go to provide you with either SIP trunking for on-site PBX phone service OR a hosted voice solution. For most companies, the price and flexibility advantages from hosted voice are very hard to turn down. In some cases, PBX makes sense — especially if you have inherited a legacy system that’s already paid off. Either way — our 100% on-net solutions will deliver unmatched reliability and QoS.


Business Features

Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Local and Long Distance calling phone service reduces your phone bills.

3-Way Calling
It’s simple to add a third person to your two-way call to instantly create a 3-way conference call.

Call Forwarding
When it comes to call-forwarding, you need maximum flexibility. You might want to forward calls one way if you’re on the phone, another way if you don’t pick up. You can customize your call forwarding rules just the way you want them.

Caller ID
With Caller ID, you can identify who’s calling before you pick up the phone. The number and name (if available) of incoming call appears on your display. You can also customize your external caller ID for your business. Set it up, so everyone has the same company name, or personalize it by extension.

Caller ID Blocking
Allows you to block (and unblock) your Caller ID on outgoing calls.

Call Waiting
Call Waiting allows callers to reach you even when you are on the phone with another call.

You will hear a beep indicating an incoming call. You will then be able to put your current caller on hold and answer the incoming telephone call. You can continue to alternate between parties as often as you’d like. It’s like having two lines while paying for only one!

Call Transfers
Now you can transfer calls with ease. Choose either warm transfer or cold (or blind) transfer. With a warm transfer, you announce the call to the person to whom you are transferring the call. With a cold-transfer, you send the caller directly to the extension without preamble.

Call Park
With Call Park feature, you can “park” a call in the cloud so other employees can pick up the call. A parked call can be picked up by any extension in your organization.

Direct Phone Number
Each 365 extension includes its own unique direct inbound dial (DID) telephone number. We allow you to choose your telephone-number from any of the available rate centers and area codes within those centers, regardless of where your 365 phone’s physical location. So you can pick a phone number with an area code that’s right for you.

Do Not Disturb

When you need quiet time to finish a project, put your telephone in a state that will not ring and calls will automatically be forwarded to voicemail (or to a busy signal if voicemail is turned off). Do Not Disturb (DND) is a great feature for when you are on a conference call and need to prevent any distractions or interruptions.

Group Call Pickup
Group Pickup (or Group Call Pickup) lets employees answer incoming calls for other group members.

Group Intercom Paging
Group intercom paging is useful for making real-time announcements to a department, team or work area using the intercom feature on your Polycom phones. Intercom to specific paging groups or broadcast your page to all other Polycom sets in your office by choosing the emergency or priority group.

Use our feature-rich, customizable business-class voicemail features to view and listen to your voicemails online, have them delivered to your email box, or access them by phone.

Voicemail to Email
Voicemail-to-email is a great way to save time and be more responsive to your clients. Your voicemails are delivered right to your email box as audio files so you can listen to them right away.

Phone System
Auto Attendant
Auto Attendant is a powerful automated VoIP business service that replaces the need for a receptionist.

Extension Dialing
Call anyone in your company just by dialing their extension number, even if they work in different locations with extension dialing.

CLOUD PBX (Hosted-PBX, Virtual PBX)
A virtual PBX is a modern alternative to costly, clunky PBX equipment permanently installed on-site at one location. Unite your whole company with a virtual PBX residing in the cloud.

Ring Groups
A Ring Group is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. Ring groups are also commonly known as Hunt Groups.

Directory Assistance
365 gives you the option to add your company name and telephone number to a Directory Assistance Listing provider.

Number Porting
Bring your phone numbers with you when you switch to 365.

System Management

Music on Hold
Music on Hold plays recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold to give your business a professional edge.

Administrative Portal
With 365, you get an easy-to-use administration portal. Here setting up and configuring your phone system, setting up extensions, Auto Attendant, and Ring Groups and more.

System Operation Times
Set business hours and after hours times.

Enhanced Features

Personal IVR
When the caller rings into to the Personal IVR, they are the option to connect or to leave a voicemail. If connected, the caller receives the prompt, “who is calling please?” After responding, the caller will hear ringing, or, if the caller has chosen the voicemail option, the call with go automatically to voicemail.

Remote Access
Remote Access allows mobile/cell users to call the system on one of the DIDs. After successful authentication, users can dial any destination for which users usually have privileges. This feature is intended for users traveling frequently or working remotely.

Call Detail Reports
Call Detail Reports (CDRs) can be accessed for every DID and will display all inbound and outbound calls.


CRM Integration

SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market.

Build more meaningful and lasting relationships and connect with your customers across sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps, and analytics.

Customer service software and support ticket system by Zendesk. Web-based help desk software used by 200000+ organizations worldwide.

Run your entire business with Zoho’s suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications. Over 20 million users trust us worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution allows you to create a centralized repository of data that sits alongside Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook.

Conference Calling

Conference Bridge
Why waste money on outside conference call providers when you can hold your conference calls with your Hosted VoIP Service

Phone Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers
A Toll-Free Virtual Number is an inbound number that rings to your auto attendant, ring group or primary phone line. US callers can call your toll-free number at no charge to them.

Virtual Numbers
A Virtual Phone Number is a number that rings to a primary phone line. A Virtual Phone Number eliminates long-distance toll charges for anyone calling within that number’s area code. Virtual Phone Numbers are available for most area codes.

Fax Solution

IP Fax
365’s fax over IP solution complies with the T.38 ITU standard for sending faxes across IP networks. Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, we have a solution custom designed for you.

Fax Machine
Fax services work with standard fax machine brands. Our solution connects your fax machine to the Internet via an analog terminal adapter (ATA).

Call Recording

Record Calls
365 offers multiple options to enable call recording. Users can choose whether you would like to inform listening parties that call-recording is turned on or not. Call recording can be toggled globally, for the entire system — or only for lower levels: specific users, DID extension, or ring groups.

Softphones and Desktop Apps

The unified communications tools integrate voice, messaging, and collaboration functions to deliver a complete, integrated business communications solution. By offering an all-in-one solution from a single vendor, unified communications can help keep your company’s productivity high, while keeping your total cost of ownership low.