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365 DATA CENTERS Object Storage

The Easiest Way to Access and Store Files

365 Data Centers’ Object Storage platform lets you store, organize, and share files using APIs or compatible applications. Object Storage gives you the flexibility and availability to store nearly an infinite amount of files without the burden and hassle of operating a complicated infrastructure. Moreover — you pay only for the volume of data stored. Unlike other options, there are no additional fees for accessing or downloading your data, or for extra bandwidth. We make it easier to manage your data — and we do it for less.

If you have a large dataset and are presently using Amazon S3 or Azure Blob service, you will absolutely want to contact a 365 sales representative and get our pricing info

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Total File Freedom

Flat-Fee Billing Model

With a billing model based exclusively on data stored, you have the freedom to add, remove, or modify files without the unpleasant surprises associated with metered bandwidth billing.

Scalable Storing and Sharing

Store large volumes of images, videos, and other assets across multiple data center locations, or offload data from your Remote Storage platform (SAN/NAS) to minimize costs and maximize scalability.

Data Durability and Security

WIth 365 Data Centers Object storage you can be confident that you'll receive 100% availability and very- near 100% data reliability (99.999999999%, if you want us to get technical).


Object storage casts off the size constraints baked into file-based storage approaches. There is no clunky addressing hierarchy to cap growth and flexibility in classifying data — which makes object storage ideal for managing large amounts of unstructured data. There is simply no better way to safeguard and access large amounts of data — especially video, imaging data, health records and big data output. Users can store raw data before and after analysis, and files can be updated with flexible meta-data tags for easy sorting in ways that defy older file systems.


Object storage is not limited by the scalability constraints of block or file storage. File storage can ramp up tremendously — but there is a top level cap on the number of files that you can realistically store. Many of our customers are seeing 40-60% growth in unstructured data storage per year — so these limits are of practical concern to more and more companies.

Raw performance

First generation object storage solutions had some performance shortcomings, but that is no longer true. High sequential throughput performance provides an ideal solution for streaming even the most massive files.

Customizable metadata

File system metadata is pretty well hamstrung and inflexible. Date of creation, time of most recent update and ownership information tracks readily — but there is no way to create and update custom metadata. Object storage provides a ready way to classify and sort a virtually unlimited amount of metadata. For example, media files such as images or videos could be located and tracked by overall subject, major visual elements, photographer or videographer, and much more.

Customizable metadata

365’s Object Storage solution offers an excellent platform for starting small and building out. Storage capacity can easily scale to meet the demands of your organization, making it very easy to manage from the start.

Parallel streaming

Object Storage allows your users and locations to stream large files in parallel over whatever data pipes you have available — maximizing the performance of your bandwidth.

Superior data protection

The industry standard for preventing data loss has been to go with RAID groups of storage drives — sometimes with the added benefit of data replication. The downside to this is that users are locked in so that different data types and sensitivities all have to use the same data protection approach. Object Storage sidesteps that limitation by providing a more flexible approach called erasure coding. Multiple storage drives and data nodes are used to ensure protection. Erasure coding and flexible replication work in tandem to provide a more reliable and customizable approach based on your needs.

Support for industry standards

365 Data Centers’ object storage solution uses Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) interface — the industry standard for object storage — but with significant cost and support advantages over Amazon’s product offerings.

Lower costs

Choosing a data storage strategy has always started with cost analysis. 365 Data Centers offers unbeatable value both in direct costs per byte of data stored — but also in the ease and cost of management, maintenance, and expansion going forward. The scalability of the solution eliminates the need to carry unneeded excess capacity. You can start with what you need and build out. Moreover, you have no ceiling on the amount of data you can store in the same namespace, excellent data protection, and flexible policy tiering — all of which ensure that managing all of your data is more efficient and cost-effective.

Object Storage Platform Features

  • Fully redundant network infrastructure
  • Files distributed across multiple 365 data centers
  • Scales to hundreds of petabytes of total storage
  • Up to 99.999999999999% data durability
  • Access your files using 100% native Amazon S3 AP
  • Compatible interfaces with many desktop applications (Gladinet, CyberDuck, Panic, etc)
  • Flexible bucket security policies
  • Store individual files ranging in size from 1KB to 4TB
  • Military grade AES-256 on-disk (data at rest) and SSL in-transit (data in flight) encryption
  • Utilize your own encryption keys to ensure your files are securely accessible only to you
  • Object versioning and full file metadata support

Object Storage: FAQ

Any industry that deals with large data sets.

  • Digital Media/Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Finance
  • Big Data/Computation
  • Object Storage is a cloud-based file storage service. While traditional block storage works well enough with small sets of data, Object Storage allows you to identify specific file sets based on comprehensive, fully customizable meta-data tags.
  • While other providers tack on bandwidth costs and fees for every download, 365 Data Centers has a simple flat-fee billing model based exclusively on stored data, giving you the freedom to add, remove, or modify files without the unpleasant surprises associated with metered bandwidth billing.
  • Media Assets – Store large volumes of images, videos, and other assets
  • Big Data & Computation – Securely store data for analysis and archiving with high levels of data durability
  • Backup – Backup database dumps and archive log files securely in the cloud
  • Databases – Object storage is ideal for housing large data sets, such as pharmaceutical information, financial data, etc.
  • Document Store and File Sharing – Offload data from your Remote Storage platform (SAN/NAS) to minimize costs and maximize scalability
  • Static Website Hosting – Host simple web pages in your Object Storage environment*
  • We offer military-grade encryption at-rest and SSL encryption in-transit, and we ensure data durability by replicating your data in multiple data center locations.
  • You can connect to 365s platform by using any S3 compatible desktop client, including s3fs-fuse, s3cmd, and Cyberduck. Current users of Amazon can simply point their client to 365’s platform. Customers that need to transfer a large amount of data from another provider may need to download and re-upload their content. 365 Data Centers can facilitate this with our migration assistance service.

* If you need to run a more sophisticated site, we can host it using a Cloud Virtual Server instead.