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Application Hosting

Comprehensive Application Expertise and Infrastructure

Whether we host commercial packages, such as Microsoft Exchange, or your own custom applications, 365 Data Centers can help you reduce IT expenses and focus your IT team on opportunities to grow your business and drive innovation, instead of routine infrastructure maintenance. With 365’s Application Hosting, you gain comprehensive application expertise and enterprise-grade business infrastructure. Our platform provides greater business continuity, revenue stability, and customer satisfaction, with greater availability for mission-critical applications and data.

By hosting applications in a private cloud environment provided by 365 Data Centers, you can integrate them easily with your existing IT infrastructure and enjoy seamless upgrades without the usual upfront infrastructure costs – or the ongoing implementation and management headaches. In addition, we can protect your data and applications with military-grade encryption, full network compartmentalization, and 24x7x365 monitoring. Take advantage of 365 Data Centers’ Application Hosting services today.