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Flexible Solutions to Meet ALL of Your Infrastructure Requirements

365 Data Centers understands that it takes more than just basic infrastructure to build a cloud environment that serves the needs of your business; it takes experience, expertise, and proven solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. We design and implement proven cloud solutions, developing an environment suited to your needs. If you require access to a public cloud such as Amazon Web Services or need to retain part of your data and applications on physical servers, we are also able to architect hybrid hosting solutions to fit your specifications. Moreover, by utilizing our vast network and numerous data center facilities throughout the United States, 365 Data Centers is poised to provide diverse and robust cloud infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of any business. By leveraging our years of experience in cloud hosting, you can focus on your company while relying on 365 for your underlying cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud Infrastructure Services

Virtual Server

365 Data Centers enables customers to virtualize servers and move them into a secure cloud environment that guarantees computing resources, high-performance, and on-demand scalability. Our virtual servers offer the power, cost efficiencies, and features of a public cloud, but with the security and performance of a dedicated environment, fully complemented by the expertise of 365s highly-responsive Network Operations Center (NOC).

Virtual Private Data Center

365’s Virtual Private Data Centers (VPDC) enhance agility, reduce capital and operating expenses, and improve data security. This robust Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution offers a highly scalable, custom-built pool of computing resources to support your business’s applications, servers, storage, networks, and security. This is ideal for hosting all or most of your infrastructure in the cloud, and it addresses the demands of new or growing businesses by providing guaranteed computing resources and on-demand scalability.

Private Cloud

For businesses that require high levels of privacy, security, and transparency, 365 Data Centers can develop a custom-tailored private cloud environment within our secure Internet Data Center facilities. This environment is built to your company’s specifications while leveraging the robust facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and professional expertise of 365 Data Centers. This solution is ideal for industries such as healthcare that are required to comply with strict standards and regulations in regards to data privacy and retention.

Bare Metal Servers

365 Data Centers’ bare metal servers combine non-virtualized, dedicated servers with the automation of cloud – perfect if you have custom applications that need dedicated computing power and control. You retain management-level access and gain exclusive control of your server while maintaining the flexibility and security of the cloud. In addition, we architect hybrid cloud environments, allowing you to meet compliance requirements by storing your most mission-critical data on your bare metal servers, while also leveraging the versatility of a virtualized environment.

Benefits of 365 Data Centers’ Cloud Infrastructure

  • Flexibility & Scalability – Scale up or down as your business requirements change.
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance – Ensure your business runs uninterrupted, no matter the circumstances.
  • Automatic Updates – Regular software and security updates done for you.
  • Access Anytime – Get more done, faster, by editing and sharing documents anytime, from anywhere.
  • Reduce Your Capital Expense – Lease only what you need, while setup, configuration, and management is done offsite.
  • Increase Security – Store sensitive data in the cloud, not on employee devices.

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