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Reliable, High-Speed Connectivity

In our ever-growing data-driven world, the need for more bandwidth, lower latencies, and more reliable connections is a constant. Over-subscribed connections and slow page load times are unacceptable and downtime is extremely costly. Whether you are streaming HD video or just checking e-mail, speed is critical.

To get the performance your business needs, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from 365 Data Centers delivers. Our pure Ethernet network infrastructure allows us to provision, monitor, and support high-speed connectivity with lower latencies — all backed by our 99.999% uptime SLA.

Our robust nationwide network and countless peering partners allow us to route traffic through multiple diverse paths, minimizing packet loss and avoiding network congestion. We can develop, provision and support a network design that meets your most stringent end-user requirements for availability, low latency, and security

365 Data Centers combines best-in-breed technologies in local and long-haul network segments to create one of the most reliable internet solutions available, with flexible service options and 24/7 technical support.

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365 Data Centers has the robust network infrastructure and design expertise to develop the perfect network to meet your business needs. Whether you just need dedicated business internet or a fully architected network loop, 365 can deliver a solution to fit your business requirements.

What You Get with 365 Data Centers

365 Data Centers’ Business Internet AccessTimer Warner Cable Wideband InternetVerizon Business Internet Access
Symmetrical SpeedsDepends on service
Mean Time to Repair4 Hours4 Business daysDepends on service
24×7 Proactive Monitoring
Customer SupportDedicated Account ManagerCall CenterCall Center
Service Level AgreementDepends on service
Static IP AddressIncludedExtra chargeExtra charge
Bandwidth TypeDedicatedSharedShared
IPv6 CapableIncludedExtra chargeExtra charge
Flexible Service Offerings
Total Service Offering ConclusionBest value and service for primary connections.Best value for back-up connections.Cost-prohibitive

What is Dedicated Internet Access?

Dedicated internet access (also referred to as DIA or Business Internet Access) is a private connection between your service provider and your business. For you, this equates to increased speed and security.

365 Data Centers provides dedicated business internet access via metro ethernet over fiber. We combine best-in-breed technologies in local and long-haul network segments to create one of the most reliable internet solutions available, with flexible service options and 24/7 technical support.

Our Dedicated Internet Access Benefits


365 offers speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to Nx10 Gbps to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.


Fully-managed firewalls with VPN support provides security for your Ethernet connection.


Metro Ethernet connections are exponentially faster and cost-effective than legacy T1’s and DS3 circuits.


365’s 24×7 Network Operations Center monitors all network connectivity and components.


Internet uptime is backed by a 99.999% Uptime Service Level Agreement. for 365 Network Services.

Redundant Connections

365 Data Centers offers customers the option to install redundant connections with automatic failover.


As your need for more capacity increases, your Ethernet connection speed can scale and expand to meet your needs.

Fast Installation Times

Dedicated Internet Access can be delivered to on-net buildings within 14 days and off-net buildings within 30 days or less.

Never Oversubscribed Infrastructure

While many carriers offer dedicated circuits to their customers, many do not dedicate the required bandwidth on their own network backbone. They will intentionally sell more bandwidth than their backbone can support on the assumption that only some of their customers will actually use their full bandwidth at any given time. This practice is known as oversubscription, and it is used to cut costs while sacrificing performance.

Oversubscription leads to less reliable connectivity with spontaneous periods of reduced network speed and a higher likelihood of outages. This is caused by increased congestion on the carrier’s backbone during high-activity times. Much like traffic on a highway, fiber optic cables have a fixed capacity and attempting to transmit more data than the medium can maintain leads to significantly slower speeds for everyone. Even while traffic between your office and the backbone matches your carrier’s promised speed, everything beyond that is a gamble.
To avoid the drawbacks of an oversubscribed network, you should choose an Internet Service Provider whose network is truly dedicated, like 365 Data Centers.

Our 99.999% Uptime SLA

365 is so confident in the resilience and reliability of our network infrastructure that we maintain a 99.999% Uptime SLA. Please see our full service level agreement for more information.