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Carlstadt, NJ

410 Commerce Blvd
Carlstadt, NJ 07072

365 Data Centers’ Carlstadt Data Center

Our 235,500 sq. ft. Data Center in Carlstadt, NJ, just ten miles west of Manhattan, offers Colocation and Managed IT services and features operational support capabilities, network connectivity, physical security, and environmental controls to better support our customers.

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Download Fort Lauderdale Site Specifications

Carlstadt Facility Specifications

Data Center

  • 235,500 sq. ft.
  • All cabling is overhead on dedicated 365 Data Center ladder racking.
  • Total of 97 fire extinguisher installed through the facility.
  • The set-point temperature for the majority of the facility is 70°F, with a tolerance of plus/minus 5°. In some areas of the facility, the set-point temperature is 68°F or 72°F


  • Every 365 Data Center has connectivity to two or more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) via high-speed internal network backbone to address customer ISP requirements. Connectivity is optimized to provide the lowest latency ISP connections possible in delivering our Managed Internet Access service at an SLA of 99.99%.

Power & AC

  • 2N utility feeds to the substation, tied together with automatic tie breaker. From the sub station, A side/B side power is fed from the UPS to racks via designated A side B side PDUs.
  • (22) Liebert 500 KVA systems, (6) MGE 500 KVA systems, (1) Liebert 250KVA, (1) Liebert 160 KVA.
  • Bonded Building.

Security & Services

  • All activity observed on the 181 interior and exterior CCTV cameras is recorded on Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and retained for 90 days. All exterior doors are monitored and alarmed for tamper protection.
  • Customers on the pre-authorized Secure Site Access (SSA) list are issued a “Customer Security Badge”” with sole access to their pre-authorized designated area(s). Anyone not on this list is issued a “Visitor Badge”” and is escorted through the data center at all times with an authorized 365 Data Center or Customer representative.

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