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Single-Source Colo, Cloud & Network: Customized, Cost-Effective, Accountable


In our last blog, we had a look at the many benefits of employing a comprehensive and unified colocloud and network strategy. Notably, we looked at how — in combination —  these solutions create an optimal playground for an effective Digital Transformation strategy.

In this blog, we’ll peel back the onion a bit more and look at how a single-source provider of colo, cloud and network solutions can be instrumental in “right-sizing” your services and Digital Transformation journey. Customization, Cost Effectiveness, and importantly, Accountability are all keys to the overall success of the solution.


It’s not A solution; it’s YOUR solution

Solution customization is only as good as your partner’s ability to understand your unique needs and to grow as your business grows. This means having the ability to customize a solution that is right for your business, now and in the future. It’s about right-sizing the immediate and long-term needs in real time and in concert with technological enhancements and advances. The amount of lifting involved here can be substantial, particularly if one or more of the pieces being lifted are from separate providers. Meaningful customization, scalability and efficiencies are often lost in this process and can take time (and money) to recoup.

It’s important to choose a partner that can handle the entire evolution of your business’s growth — from a single server to a cloud strategy to dark fiber procurement — and with ample network options in-house. A single-source provider adds depth to the engineering and thought process, benefits that include a more cohesive, integrated, secure and proven solution. In other words, a single source of accountability.

One hand to shake

100% accountable. That’s not something we hear often when it comes to IT services. More often than not, the accountability ball is passed from in-house IT to colo provider to cloud and network operator — and back again. It’s the proverbial service outage hot potato. In the meantime, any SLA protection remains in limbo until fault can be established and timers can be started. At that point, what’s the point?

This is arguably the most aggravating result of having multiple digital transformation or technology partners. This is an aggravation that can easily be mitigated by partnering with a single-source provider of colo, cloud and network — a provider of comprehensive Infrastructure-as-a-Service. The SLA starts counting the moment an issue is detected — no bureaucracy, no client coordination.

Cost Effective: The solution is yours; the infrastructure costs belong to us

Building a car part by part costs more than buying a car that’s already been built. In regards to hardware, the cloud is providing it virtually, there are no write off or sunk costs for the business and no need to reclaim a piece of hardware for the provider. The result? Cost savings and efficiency.

Moreover, there are savings for both the provider and the customer as ALL the costs are controlled by the ONE provider; they operate the facilities and infrastructure and own the equipment. Those controlled costs and savings, across many customers, often mean more timely and thorough hardware, software and equipment upgrades and updates. This means a better total cost of solution for the end user.

Often overlooked, a single-source provider possesses the ability to build and test services across a total solution — colo, cloud and network.

365 Data Centers: One Partner, Multiple Solutions, 100% Accountability 

365 Data Centers is a leading network-centric colocation provider that operates 20 carrier-neutral data centers located in strategic, primarily edge markets. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions, including secure and reliable edge colocation, nationwide network connectivity, cloud compute and storage, and DRaaS. We are that single-source provider of colo, cloud and network.

365 Data Centers plays a critical role in the Digital Transformation journey:

  • Designed and architected by the same team — no multi-vendors
  • A better quality product
  • Hybrid element to handle the customer’s future growth
  • All packages are tested and we make it work — one company on the hook

We are “Technology, Humanized.”


About 365 Data Centers

365 Data Centers is a leading network centric colocation provider operating 13 carrier-neutral data centers located in strategic, primarily edge markets. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that includes secure and reliable edge colocation, nationwide network connectivity, cloud compute and storage, DRaaS, BaaS, and business continuity services.


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